Becoming Me

Just as in real life, we don’t arrive in Second Life looking the way we would like to. We’re given a choice of how we want to look initially—that is, male, female, or gender-neutral/androgynous—and we can pick from a few pre-made avatars (or avis, for short).

From there, it’s up to each of us to decide whether we want to continue looking like everyone else in SL, or prefer to customize our appearance.

For example, this is how I looked upon arrival in this weird and wonderful world:

Chris androPretty sexy, huh? Hah! As If! I deliberately chose an androgynous appearance, knowing I’d be changing it just as soon as I could afford to.

Bodies and Skins and Hair, Oh My!

That’s one of the best things about SL: you can completely redesign your appearance, and there are a lot of places to do it. While some features cost money, there are others where you can get a complete makeover at no cost at all.

Your basic appearance consists of s shape (body), skin, hair, and eyes. Even if you stick with one of the premade avis, you can change height, weight, facial details, etc. But for the ultimate in customization, you’ll want to invest in a complete new avi.

Which is what I did.

I bought a mesh body with Bento head, new hair, and a lot of new clothes. Now I was ready to explore the world:

Eileen crop topPretty good, eh? All told, I spent less than $15 US on my appearance. Oh, right—the eyes, skin, and weapons belt were free.

So That’s it for today. In our next issue (tomorrow, I hope!), we’ll look at the various places to shop for what you’ll need to change your appearance—both free and paid options as well as the SL Marketplace.

Welcome To My World

Profile 1

Hi! I’m Eileen…Eileen Brennan. I only exist as an avatar in Second Life (SL). This blog assumes you know at least a little bit about SL, or you’re willing to learn.

What’s Here?

Stuff about SL. A few general topics at first, but once we get going, we’ll be traveling through some interesting virtual places in that world.

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